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Redeeming the Swindler

Prequel Novella

A swindler with a soap scam and dreams of a fresh start. A waitress hustling to support her family and trying to make amends. When she tries to foil this trickster’s plans, will both of their lives be at risk? 


The only thing Charlie Cross has ever wanted is a home.

After being raised on the road with a traveling carnival, swindling is the only skill Charlie is left with. When his perfect scam earns him the money he needs to buy land and build a home, his greedy companions decide it’s not something they are ready to give up.


Mary Armstrong’s only ambition is to work hard and send money back home.

After she bought a phony cure at a traveling medicine show, Mary’s family is left grieving the loss of her little brother. Now, all she wants is to take care of her remaining siblings and make up for her colossal mistake. 


When Mary discovers Charlie’s scam and her sabotage plans go wrong, Charlie and Mary are forced to flee for their lives. Will life on the run bring them down the road to love and redemption? Or will she lose her heart to a smooth-talking con man?


Redeeming the Prodigal

Book 1

A soiled dove at rock bottom. A mountain man broken and lonely. Can an unexpected encounter be their second chance at love?


Jo Bradford never thought she’d end up a fallen woman in a mining-town brothel.

But after running away from a family who loves her and falling into the clutches of a sinister outlaw, Jo found herself left with a devastating choice. Starvation or prostitution. After a brutal attack in the brothel leaves her with an ugly scar, she’s cast out of the Parlor House, her only sanctuary from the outlaws she escaped from.


Gideon Cross blames himself for his pa’s disappearance.

When he decided to search for his father, he left Jo behind with hopes of returning for her. Instead, news arrived that she was missing, and Gideon was left broken-hearted. After years of grieving, he is finally ready to move on and start the family he’s always wanted, even if it isn’t with Jo.


When a twist of fate brings Jo and Gideon face to face again, can the grace of God mend their broken pieces and lead them to reclaim love, or will their past failures be too much to overcome?

Outlaw_ebook (002).jpg

Redeeming the Outlaw

Book 2

An outlaw looking for a fresh start. A rancher’s daughter with something to hide. When opposites attract, will sparks fly, or will their differences drive them apart?


Matthias Noble can never make up for all the crimes he committed.

But after finding freedom from the outlaw gang he’d been entangled with, all he wants is an honest job where he can keep his head down. When trouble seems to follow him at every turn. He fears he may never untangle himself from the bondage of his past holding him back. 


Elaine Bradford can never tell a soul her secret.

Advancing her social standing will offer her the pristine order she needs and a way to keep that secret hidden. When scandal threatens her reputation, she’s banished to live in the Colorado wilderness with her wayward sister, endangering exposure of all she conceals.


When Mathias and Elaine become unlikely allies in a bitter war over grazing territory, they must learn to trust one another. Can they put aside their misgivings and bring their enemy to justice, or will the darkness of doubt nipping at their heels drag them down once and for all?


Redeeming the Shackled

Book 3

A woman battling the bonds of spiritual warfare. A man with demons of his own. When a proposal entangles them together, will they be able to break free from the darkness that enslaves them?


Shadows shroud Essie Sayer in darkness.

Brought up as the protege of a mystic in a traveling carnival, she is haunted by evil spirits and held captive by the man who controls her fate. All she wants is to find an escape. But when she’s given the opportunity for deliverance, she fears she will only exchange one form of captivity for another.


James Cross has spent his life a shadow of who he wanted to be.

Held back by respiratory distress as a youth, he missed out on much of his childhood. Later, when his Pa and brother both disappeared, Jimmy was the only one left to care for his Ma. When the constant tether of responsibility became too much, Jimmy found himself leaning on a familiar remedy to relieve the pressure. All he wants is the freedom to find a life of his own, but has his desire for escape left him enslaved?


When the only way for Essie to escape her captor is by accepting the proposal of a stranger, Jimmy and Essie find themselves tied to one another. Will the bonds of marriage be what it takes to bring them together, or will the sharp edges of their brokenness cut them apart?

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