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Cross Creek Ranch, Prequel Novella

He's avoiding his family. She’d give anything to have hers back.

Morgan Cross finds himself torn between the life he desires and the expectations that loom over him. Despite knowing his responsibilities, he can't bring himself to face his family. As he seeks refuge from his worries at the county fair, his path collides with a mysterious woman who disappears after a single dance.

Rachel Sanders, having lost her home and family, finds herself trapped in a perilous situation. When a chance encounter brings her a hero in a Stetson cowboy hat, she must decide whether to place her trust in a stranger and the glimmer of hope he represents.

When Morgan discovers she’s in trouble, he resolves to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Yet, the question remains: can she depend on him to protect her and the precious past she clings to?

This riveting romance weaves together a captivating tale of loss, faith, and finding family where you least expect it, seamlessly blending the enchantment of a modern Cinderella Story with the untamed allure of the Wild West.

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