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Redeeming the Shackled

Cross Family Saga, Book 3

A woman battling the bonds of spiritual warfare. A man with demons of his own. When a proposal entangles them together, will they be able to break free from the darkness that enslaves them?


Shadows shroud Essie Sayer in darkness.

Brought up as the protege of a mystic in a traveling carnival, she is haunted by evil spirits and held captive by the man who controls her fate. All she wants is to find an escape. But when she’s given the opportunity for deliverance, she fears she will only exchange one form of captivity for another.


James Cross has spent his life a shadow of who he wanted to be.

Held back by respiratory distress as a youth, he missed out on much of his childhood. Later, when his Pa and brother both disappeared, Jimmy was the only one left to care for his Ma. When the constant tether of responsibility became too much, Jimmy found himself leaning on a familiar remedy to relieve the pressure. All he wants is the freedom to find a life of his own, but has his desire for escape left him enslaved?


When the only way for Essie to escape her captor is by accepting the proposal of a stranger, Jimmy and Essie find themselves tied to one another. Will the bonds of marriage be what it takes to bring them together, or will the sharp edges of their brokenness cut them apart?

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