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Redeeming the Outlaw


An outlaw looking for a fresh start. A rancher’s daughter with something to hide. When opposites attract, will sparks fly or will their differences drive them apart?


Matthias Noble can never make up for all the crimes he’s done.

But after finding freedom from the outlaw gang he’d been entangled with, all he wants is an honest job where he can keep his head down. When trouble seems to follow him at every turn, he fears he may never untangle himself from the bondage of his past holding him back. 


Elaine Bradford can never tell a soul her secret.

Advancing her social standing will offer her the pristine order she needs and a way to keep that secret hidden. When scandal threatens her reputation, she’s banished to live in the Colorado wilderness with her wayward sister, endangering exposure of all she conceals.


When Mathias and Elaine become unlikely allies in a bitter war over grazing territory, they must learn to trust one another. Can they put aside their misgivings and bring their enemy to justice or will the darkness of doubt nipping at their heels drag them down once and for all?


This gripping saga, full of heart-pounding adventure, will take you on an emotional journey of love and redemption in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

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