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Redeeming the Swindler



A swindler with a soap scam and dreams of a fresh start. A waitress hustling to support her family and trying to make amends. When she tries to foil this trickster’s plans, will both of their lives be at risk? 


The only thing Charlie Cross has ever wanted is a home.

After being raised on the road with a traveling carnival, swindling is the only skill Charlie is left with. When his perfect scam earns him the money he needs to buy land and build a home, his greedy companions decide it’s not something they are ready to give up.


Mary Armstrong’s only ambition is to work hard and send money to her family.

After buying a phony cure at a traveling medicine show, Mary’s family is left grieving the loss of her little brother. Now, all she wants is to take care of her remaining siblings and make up for her colossal mistake. 


When Mary discovers Charlie’s scam and her sabotage plans go wrong, Charlie and Mary are forced to flee for their lives. Will life on the run bring them down the road to love and redemption? Or will she lose her heart to a smooth-talking con man?


This gripping novella is full of heart-pounding adventure that will take you on an emotional journey of love and redemption in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

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