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Maddie Jo

Cross Creek Ranch, Book 2

She’s highly organized. He never takes anything seriously. When disaster strikes the ranch, a cross-country horse race may be their only chance to save her family heritage.


Maddie Jo Cross has everything in her life neatly organized.

With her boarding stable running smoothly and training program well underway, Maddie is confident she’ll make the next big balloon payment due on the ranch. But when all her well-crafted plans go up in smoke, Maddie is left sifting through the wreckage of her carefully constructed strategy.


Colter Evans just wants to have a good time.

His dad’s serious commitment to providing for the family and his constant push for a hard work ethic left no room for fun. Colt has no intentions of taking life so seriously. But when his best friend’s twin sister finally agrees to one of his crazy ideas, he has to set the jokes aside. This wild scheme may be more than even he can handle.


Can they survive each other when their separate goals launch them into a race for their lives?

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